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When the project is important; and, your input is essential

office3.jpg You and your   tech7.jpg Technology   tech5.jpg are essential.

When others are depending on you, downtime can be very costly. Call Standard Contractors Group! Ask about FFF (First Five Free).

When working from home, and, needing service by phone. . .

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Downtime can seriously affect productivity.

Call Standard Contractors Group!!!

FFF (First Five Free) - - - Yes, the first five minutes of your service call are FREE!!!

Time is passing - - call us now!

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It's your work

It's your income

Call us right now!!!

Call 336-803-0003. Call now!

FFF - - No charge for the First Five minutes!!! Call and talk Five For Free!!!

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Your work is important. Your technology is necessary. Are others depending on you?

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It's fixed!!! I'm so glad I called!!!! They have First Five Free!!!

“ Getting started is a good way to reach your goals!”
–We are here for you

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Call Standard Contractors Group and let's get started now. Five for Free!!!

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